Automating the finance function

In less than five years, taxis have been ‘uberised’. Now, robot taxis are currently being tested in Japan. New technologies are contributing to the emergence of new entrants to the market. This is true in our day-to-day life, and it can be seen in the world of business, which is undergoing a slow and steady, major (r)evolution.

Four factors are driving and intensifying this movement.

  1. New technologies have never before been so accessible to all.
  2. New business models are emerging within companies.
  3. Working methods are being reinvented.
  4. Business applications are being brought together in a Financial ERP system.

The name of robots designed for the finance function are associated with three letters: RPA – Robotics Process Automation. RPA is a synonym for innovation in the finance function. The finance department must learn how to use these new tools. The automation of processes has a ripple effect since it completely overhauls, standardises and improves manual processes.

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