Robots and machine learning applied to finance

Robots have become part of our daily lives. We interact with them every day and give them our most personal data. But robots are not all the same and they don’t all raise the same issues. Just ten years ago, robots were used for ‘4Ds’ work, i.e. work that was dangerous, dull, dirty and dumb. With the advances made in artificial intelligence, robotics must address four new needs, the ‘4Es’: everyday, e-health, educational, entertainment.

This article is an overview of what robots really are, and what they can bring to the finance function. We also answer the following questions:

  • What are the differences between a ticket machine and Sophia, the first humanoid robot that has held Saudi nationality since October 2017?
  • How can machine learning be useful in more abstract areas such as finance?
  • Is machine learning capable of making mistakes?

Download the article below.


Robots and machine learning article