2016 Aerospace study. Insights for Global Suppliers

Mazars Group is pleased to present you with ‘Supplier of the Fittest: How to manage significant increases in production effectively’, our new global publication in the Aerospace & Defense industry.

Global demand & Global Supply

Various macroeconomic factors in today’s global economy have led to a significant increase in demand for new aircraft. As a result, backlogs for Airbus and Boeing, the major OEMs in the aerospace industry, have risen to all-time highs. In response these OEMs have increased their production rates to help satisfy the world’s hunger for single aisle aircraft.

To best address this question, the Mazars Group has embarked on a journey to determine how increases in production rates would affect suppliers throughout the global supply chain.

Key findings

This publication is a guide to the opportunities and risks suppliers face in navigating the complexity of the commercial aerospace supply chain. It also highlight some key differences between key suppliers in North America and Europe, where a majority of them are clustered.

The key findings of our publication illustrates the 5 following challenges:

  • Price pressure 
  • Restrictions to a fast ramp-up 
  • Efficiency
  • Diversification
  • Globalization

Interested to know more about this publication? Please fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the ride!


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  • 价格压力
  • 产量骤增的限制条件
  • 生产效率
  • 多样化
  • 全球化




Mazars study 2016 Aerospace and Defense