Internal audit

Protect your strategic vision through a dynamic approach to internal audit

Today’s companies operate in a complex risk environment, facing pressures from multiple angles. The rate of change technologically, the increased threat to cyber security and the evolving needs of stakeholders and market regulators are risks continuously impacting business operations. Next, companies are in transition to become more sustainable.

The role of the internal audit function has become pivotal in recent years to respond effectively to external risk, protecting the business, whilst at the same time supporting it to perform at its best. A framework of good governance will provide the independent assurance, insights and objectivity to see the business thrive, even in the most disruptive environments.  

In today’s world, the internal audit needs to go beyond compliance and assurance. It needs to enable key stakeholders to be more decisive and respond faster to changes in the market, adapting to take advantage of new opportunities. As a 3rd line role, internal audit is well positioned to enhance governance and enterprise risk management.

Our approach

A successful internal audit function should add value for the entire company, as well as provide assurance, insights and recommendations to stakeholders. It needs to be effective, dynamic, and capable of addressing future challenges, and even more importantly, it should provide you with clarity and a true understanding of your business.

At Mazars, we will work in partnership with you to deliver an effective internal audit function that can improve operations, facilitate change and provide stakeholders with great insights and assurance. By using a flexible, tailored and effective risk-based approach, we’ll provide you with insights into your key risk areas to support prompt decision-making to leverage new opportunities. 

We bring together deep subject matter experts who work in an integrated fashion to deliver the right guidance on your internal audit plan or develop an entirely new one. Their expertise comes from multiple industries, so you receive a tailored solution that meets your complex needs. Our team comprises a global network of internal auditors based all over the world as well as global experts you can count on. We lead and operate the entire function in close alignment with stakeholders and provide external quality assessments of the internal audit function where we leverage on our deep understanding of the global internal audit standards and best practices. 


Internal audit partnership with Mazars