Transformation and reorganisation

Improving your position so you can focus on your tenants

Local authorities and social housing landlords are facing multiple challenges in today’s world. The legal and regulatory framework is constantly changing, government priorities are frequently changing, and demand for housing supply often exceeds available funding. All of this fuels a need for government and agencies to rationalise their housing stock and focus on creating efficiencies.

At Mazars, our expert team can help you transform and reorganise to reduce costs and meet increasing regulatory demands. Our specialists understand the important role you play in your tenants’ lives and work with you to ease the pressures on your organisation. In the current environment, you may have a need to adapt your organisation to recent regulatory and funding developments, or you may instead be seeking to optimise your operations to create financial leeway so that you are better able to serve your tenants.

Whether it is establishing a new accounting and financial framework, or assisting in the preparation for the transfer of housing stock, we have the expertise to deliver what’s needed. We offer a tailored approach that is flexible to your needs and is designed to help you make the critical transformations that are necessary to secure your operations for the future.