Mazars proudly contributes to EPRA’s global REIT survey 2022

Mazars is delighted to announce that it has once again provided insights into the European Public Real Estate Association’s global REIT survey 2022, which covers 45 countries across the globe.

The uncertainty and volatility of the geopolitics concerning the war in Ukraine has undoubtedly had repercussions on the economy and business, resulting in rising energy and commodity prices, increased construction costs, a spike in inflation and interest hikes. Cumulatively, these provide for new scenarios to which investors and property companies must adapt. Yet, considering the resilience of the REIT sector following the Covid-19 pandemic being five times faster than it was during the global financial crisis, we believe that our industry can successfully navigate this unpredictability with the right framework.

The REIT structure varies country-by-country and evolves on a recurring basis as it continues to encompass a growing number of countries. Each year, the European Public Real Estate Association (EPRA) publishes a global survey providing a comparison of the major REIT regimes around the world.

This year, our very own experts at Mazars, Elena Aubrée and Guillaume Durand, drafted the French section of the report.

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