Offering assistance to enhance performance

The global health pandemic has demonstrated how vital charities are in providing financial, emotional and physical support to huge tranches of society. Yet not-for-profit organisations face significant pressures in the current climate, as a result of fluctuating funding levels, changes to regulatory and compliance requirements, and growing demands on resources.

Along with financial concerns, charities must also grapple with the threats of cybercrime and fraud, and the expense of preventing both. Meanwhile, those same organisations want to capitalise on the opportunities being driven by digital innovation, as well as the move to remote working, without diverting funds from the causes they support.

At Mazars, we believe that by working closely with charities, we can identify unique solutions that match your operational strategy and enhance organisational performance. By outsourcing financial or technological operations to us, you can concentrate on what matters most.

Our broad suite of services includes accounting and payroll outsourcing; audit covering all aspects of compliance and regulation; and tax planning with specialism in donations, gifting and inheritance. As part of our service, we provide you with a cyber security assessment and assistance with all aspects of risk management and governance, as well as access to IT outsourcing that provides the latest technological innovation and support services.