IFRS 17: Insights from the insurance industry in Ireland

Mazars in Ireland conducted a survey to get the views of the insurance industry in Ireland on the standard and the potential impacts of IFRS 17 on the business.

Mazars conducted this survey in Ireland during the summer of 2018 to obtain:

  • an industry-wide view of insurers’ knowledge of the requirements of IFRS 17;
  • an understanding of their progress on their journey towards full implementation; and
  • their assessment of the impact it will have on their businesses.

Profile of survey respondents

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The results of this survey provide insights into expected IFRS 17 approaches, timelines for IFRS 17 implementation, as well as the cost, challenges and opportunities of the project. The survey captures senior management’s perceptions of the expected impact of IFRS 17 after implementation, including the impact on future product offering, ability to pay dividends, changes to internal processes, the use of technology and the impact on the insurance market.
Download our study below to discover the results.


IFRS 17 Survey - Ireland.PDF