Supporting growth and innovation from start-up to incumbency

A wave of financial technology start-ups is disrupting business models and changing the landscape forever. Traditional firms and incumbents have been forced to rethink their core business models and embrace digital innovations to meet customer expectations and adapt to new trends. 

Over time the sector has become more welcoming to new entrants, with regulators changing their approaches to encourage innovation and incumbents seeking to forge partnerships with FinTechs. As new firms enter this environment and established organisations seek to grow within it, they need a wide range of services to support their ambitions.

At Mazars we have extensive experience working within the diversity of your ecosystem, from start-ups to incumbents and regulators. We understand your business, your constraints and your challenges, and can provide tailored support services to address your needs throughout your business lifecycle.

The future of FinTech is bright, but it is also facing heavier scrutiny from regulators and market participants must raise capital in an environment where liquidity is tightening and risk management is essential. Our solutions help FinTechs with essential business services such as tax, accountancy and regulatory compliance. Our expertise can also help you grow, with strategic advice and tailored data analytics. And when the time comes, we offer support throughout the IPO process.