Banking and capital markets in Africa

Solutions to help banks thrive in a complex market

The banking sector in Africa faces significant regulatory challenges, technological disruption and shifting consumer habits. In recent years, it has been defined by international groups’ strategic movements, the emergence of pan-African and regional banks, and the new players entering the market.

This uncertain and volatile economic environment where sustainable and inclusive finance gains prominence as banks and regulators develop new ideas, adapting business models and embracing disruption is key. As one of the largest professional services firms on the continent, Mazars’ integrated team of banking and capital markets specialists can provide you with the vision and guidance to navigate a fluctuating landscape.

Our approach

As the market changes, it is critical that banks are equipped with the tools to recalibrate their business and operating models, meet the demands of a complex regulatory environment, and place sustainable and inclusive finance at the heart of what they do. At Mazars, our banking and capital markets team features experienced professionals, former regulators and industry executives who offer deep insights into the industry. We understand the complicated web of regulatory, economic and political changes affecting financial institutions in Africa, and offer advice and solutions that lead to robust decisions.

Our clients include some of the largest banks on the continent, and we work with the entire value chain of the industry, including retail, central and regional development banks. To provide our clients with the full range of audit, tax and advisory services, we have created a unique integrated platform around expert hubs that benefits from a team of dedicated banking professionals operating across the continent. With our local market experience, you can be sure the guidance you receive from us is the right fit for your strategic business objectives.


Banking and capital markets in Africa
Banque et marché de capitaux en Afrique