Water data analytics

Using data to gain a deeper understanding of your operations

As water is one of the world’s most critical resources, its management is the fundamental challenge of our planet this century as global demand soars and supplies become regionally scarcer. The challenge is global in nature and its effects will be felt by everyone at some point in the coming decades.

With the entire world facing increasingly acute water problems, active stakeholders in water-related businesses face a number of major challenges that include demand forecast, water quality management, anomaly detection, asset management, operational efficiency and customer service.

At Mazars, we understand the pressures that the water industry faces and offer a suite of services designed to support organisations as they overcome challenges. Our team of experienced consultants offers a suite of water data analytics services designed to address your problems and support you as you solve them.

Through effective use of analytics, we help organisations harness the power of their data to improve water quality management, analysing root causes and scenarios of potential water quality issues for early detection and prevention. We can also optimise your operations and improve return on investments through better preventive maintenance and resources deployment. With the assistance of machine learning, our tools can help you to understand shifts in customer demand, review plans and tarrifs and improve your ability to detect, fix and reduce anomalies in your service.