Supplier code of conduct

True to our two core values of responsibility and integrity, we believe in creating business value while also caring for people, the planet and society. Keeping this in mind, we strive to engage with organisations who are equally responsible in the way they do business, valuing ethical, social and environmental factors.

The guidelines and requirements for suppliers are an extension of our code of conduct and call on suppliers to uphold the principles of environmental, social and ethical conduct.

They are based on the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact, as well as international legal instruments determined by the International Labour Organisation, UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Conventions.

Equally, Mazars holds itself accountable in the code and maintains a commitment towards suppliers in the areas of:

  • Partnership policy
  • Fairness and transparency
  • Independence
  • Conflict of interest
  • Accountability
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Social responsibility
  • Environmental stewardship

Download the full guidelines and requirements below to learn more.