Putting people at the heart of our development

As a professional services provider and knowledge-intensive organisation, our people define who we are as a firm. This is why our people strategy is much more than a traditional human resources strategy. It puts the best interests of our employees and their development at the core of our policies and actions.

By establishing an inclusive culture with transparent and fair processes, we strive to build a workplace with equal opportunities for our employees to thrive and grow at all stages of their professional journey. ​

We are committed to providing a safe and inclusive working environment that offers unique opportunities for life-long learning.​

Empowering our people to grow, lead and do what is right

Supporting our people to excel, developing their potential and designing careers that fit their aspirations is at the heart of our talent management strategy. It also meets the expectations of our clients, who are looking for critical thinkers and responsible leaders. ​

  • Leaders as coaches

We continuously work to adapt and respond to evolving expectations, offering the best workplace experience to our Gen Z professionals, while preparing our Gen Y professionals to take on leadership positions. Through our Corporate Learning Improvement Process (CLIP)-accredited Mazars University, we aim to instil a culture of lifelong learning, continuous feedback and peer-coaching.​

  • Reinforcing our employer value proposition

We seek to attract a diverse set of people who will play a central role in what our firm and our clients do next. Our promise as an employer is to provide each individual the opportunities needed for lifelong development, the space to build a meaningful career and the environment to form friendships along the way

  • Employee health and wellbeing

We consider the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees to be one of our key priorities, especially as work patterns are changing post-Covid. Each of our employees contributes to the success of our Group, and we are committed to ensuring their well-being throughout their journey with us. ​

Diversity and inclusion

We are dedicated to ensuring that Mazars is an organisation where people have a sense of belonging and pride; where every individual can make a meaningful contribution and be valued for who they are. Our diversity and inclusion strategy defines our identity, how we operate today, and how we plan for tomorrow – working as one inclusive team around the world and mapping our future path together. ​

By shaping our culture and long-term strategy around inclusion, our leadership is committed to building a diverse global firm that recognises and rewards difference.

Our strategy focuses on four themes:​

  1. Driving fact-based dialogue and targeted improvement plans with our countries through the collection, monitoring and reporting of gender diversity key performance indicators.​
  2. Building awareness programmes, including training and workshops on unconscious bias, inclusive leadership and diversity management, to promote positive behaviours from our leaders and employees. ​
  3. Reviewing HR processes and identifying change drivers and acceleration mechanisms to ensure we guide and support all our employees throughout their career cycles. ​
  4. Driving knowledge, tools and communication, striving to remind our people of the impact that advocacy can have for all underrepresented groups, particularly women. ​

Learning and culture

Learning is the backbone of our talent and leadership development strategy, and it is fundamentally embedded within our culture. In a knowledge-intensive industry, learning and development at all stages of the professional journey are expected of a responsible, modern firm. ​

  • Future-proofing the next generation

We have a responsibility to educate and leave a positive mark on all young professionals who join Mazars, whether they pursue their careers with us or outside our organisation. All our hires are onboarded and accompanied throughout their professional journey at Mazars to develop technical, managerial and soft skills, and they are supported in achieving their professional certifications. By offering lifelong learning opportunities to our people, we develop employable and future-proof professionals.​

  • International mobility

We consider international experience to be a key element in the development of our teams and leaders. If our employees want to enhance their careers through international experience, they can choose from a range of mobility opportunities, including short- and long-term assignments.​

  • ReCoach programme

The ReCoach programme is an opportunity for partners to take on a role that combines the functions of ‘reviewer’ and ‘coach’. Each ReCoach partner is trained to accompany and advise Mazars’ leaders in their development, allowing partners to reflect on their achievements and improvement areas. ​

  • LEAD programme

Aimed at preparing aspiring partners for the next step in their careers, the LEAD programme is a six-month, fully digital development centre that offers a series of interactive, modern leadership training webinars supported by an innovative peer coaching experience.​

To learn more about our people strategy, please refer to our Group Sustainability report.