Group Transparency report 2017/2018

We are pleased to introduce our 2017/2018 Mazars Group Transparency Report. Mazars is an international, integrated and independent firm - unique in its industry - specialising in audit, accountancy, advisory, tax and legal services. Expanding every year, Mazars now operates, as of 1st January 2019, in 89 countries and territories and draws on the expertise of 23,000 professionals to assist major international groups, SMEs, private investors and public bodies at every stage of their development.

Across our 310 offices worldwide, our international experts share the same vision, the same entrepreneurial and collaborative mindset, and the same determination to create shared value for all our stakeholders: our staff, our clients, the business community and society as a whole. 

In 2017/2018, our global revenues grew by 8.7%, and now exceed 1.6bn euros, compared to 2016/2017. Audit remains at the heart of our business, and accounts for 44.2% of our global turnover. We serve clients of all sizes, SMEs and major international corporations around the world; and Mazars is the auditor of 1,750 Public Interest Entities, mainly listed companies, banks and insurance companies, 950 of which have their head office in the European Union. 

Our very solid 2017/2018 performance is proof that our model, our values, and our development strategy are robust, reliable and relevant. Our performance also bears testament to the technical excellence of our people and of the high quality services we provide to our clients. This document, together with our 2018 Yearbook and 2016/2017 Financial Statements, is a token of our determination to continue on this path and to always be more transparent.

Delivering and improving audit quality is one of our daily priorities. The public interest is at the heart of everything we do and we continuously strive to update and enhance our tools and methodologies, as we believe it benefits our entire ecosystem. We invest time in understanding and participating in the evolution of quality within the profession, quality recommendations and themes of regulatory inspections, and improving the skills and knowledge of our professional staff. We are continually raising our expectations of what audit quality is, as we believe this is something that is constantly evolving.

We truly believe transparency is a must and we always strive to increase our openness to our environment. We know we can rely on a strong and resilient model, and on our deeply embedded values. In all we do, we believe in accountability and in growing with the always reaffirmed purpose of contributing to a better-functioning business community and to overall progress in society.


Group Transparency Report 2017_​2018.pdf
Rapport de transparence Groupe 2017 2018