Make a French Start: A practical guide to investing in France

Mazars and Business France combined their expertise to help foreign investors and entrepreneurs who want to settle in France. Mazars has created four practical guides that we hope will provide you with valuable insight to launch and grow your business in France: The French Tax System, Social Law and Good Practices to Set Up.

To promote foreign investment projects in France, it is essential to have a good understanding of the levers of performance and success, as well as to be familiar with the recent developments in the French business environment.

Make A French Start! is a co-production editorial initiative by Mazars and Business France, the national agency which has supported 600 foreign investment projects in France in 2017 and helps the international development of the French economy. It is designed to foster a positive dialogue with the foreign companies (large groups, SMEs and startups) that have a strategy to invest or reinvest in France.

A collection of 3 practical guides

The guide presents an in-depth overview of the reforms that promote flexibility and security for businesses, as well as the powerful incentive schemes that accompany the development of ambitious and innovative entrepreneurial projects from around the world. It also provides concrete answers to the main concerns that business leaders have when they start launching their projects.

These publications will be widely disseminated to raise the awareness among international companies and influencers, with the support of our offices and networks of partners worldwide.

The four booklets include concrete takeaways on:

  • Booklet n° 1 "The French Tax System"
  • Booklet n° 2 "Social Legislation in France"
  • Booklet n° 3 "Setting Up in France"