Doing Business guide in Vietnam 2019 - 2020

“Doing business in Vietnam 2019 - 2020” published by Mazars Vietnam is a part of our continuous attempt to create shared values along the journey of 25 years.

Mazars understand that the first step into any market is a vital importance for all businesses.

This 2019, we’d love to present a seamless and useful publication which tailored for all business investors and entrepreneurs who are looking for an up-to-date reliable summary about the most fundamental aspects in investment incentives, business structures available to foreigners, tax, labor and foreign exchange controls  which can be easily applied in practicing business in such a fast-growing country like Vietnam. 

Doing Business in VN_2019-2020

 Our teams of multi-disciplinary experts have helped to consolidate all the essential information, recently noticeable changes and different ways for your business to gain access to varied invaluable sources. The main aim of this publication is not only to supplement your business research and help to anticipate any possible risk that may arise but also play a role as useful references for the decision-making process of any investors who plan to join in Vietnam’s Market in a near future. 

Our emphasis in this 2019 Doing business guides:

  1. General information: the first glance provided from an insider.
  2. The economy in Vietnam
  3. Investment incentives and guarantees
  4. Business organizations available for foreigners
  5. Taxation
  6. Accounting and Audit
  7. Labor and Immigration
  8. Land
  9. Foreign exchange control
  10. Practical information

This guide would never tend to exhaustively cover all the subjects it treats; our intention is to answer some of the most important and common questions in establishing a business in Vietnam. As a matter of fact, we’re more than glad to provide you with any specific information, please find contact information of our experts' team from the right section or simply fill in the link below your enquiry.

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Doing Business in Vietnam 2019-2020