How China is transforming shared mobility?

As a densely populated country, China’s enthusiasm for shared mobility is undoubtedly fuelled by necessity. But China’s involvement in EV and wider sustainable mobility developments so far, means it is not only putting its own stamp on future solutions but is also intent on leading the way.

China is powering ahead of other countries in developing a sustainable shared mobility market. In the recent 2018 Mazars Global Automotive Study on Sustainable Mobility, Jean-François Salzmann, partner in Mazars China, looks at how the market is already showing signs of maturity in comparison to the rest of the world and what the automotive sector can learn from China’s approach.

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作为一个人口密集的国家,中国消费者对共享汽车的热 情无疑是由其需求所驱动的。而目前中国对电动汽车行 业和可持续汽车发展的参与,也预示了中国不仅仅在寻 找相应的解决方案,更是在引领这个行业的发展,

中国在可持续共享汽车市场的全速发展超过了其他国家,在Mazars出版的2018全球汽车行业研究报告中,Mazars中国合伙人苏斯曼(Jean-François Salzmann)探究了以下问题:与其他国家相比,为何中国共享汽车市场已经逐渐成熟?而汽车行业又能从这一中国模式中学到什么?


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