GDPR and e-Privacy: A Major Challenge for Media Companies

Deeply involved in the Media industry and determined to provide Industry Executives with a better overview of the trends and challenges impacting the sector, Mazars publishes a yearly media barometer analyzing the financial performance and the risk factors disclosed on the annual reports of the 100 largest publicly-listed media companies in North America and Europe.

In its 5th edition, Mazars experts provide you with a barometer on the impacts of GDPR and e-Privacy for media companies. Specifically, this barometer looks at how GDPR affects multinational companies, with a special focus on the USA.

GDPR infographic

Why a barometer on GDPR?

In today’s ever-evolving and digitalized environment, with numerous changes in consumer habits, media companies struggle to survive and meet profitability targets. Increasingly, media companies are seeking new sources of revenue through the monetization of user data gathered mainly from their internet activity.

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New European Regulations, specifically the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and e-Privacy, were created to give more responsibility to companies regarding the protection of their clients’ data. The adaptation to these new regulations is a major challenge for media companies.

Who is concerned?

This regulation does not only impact European organizations. In fact, any organization that uses personal data of persons residing in the EU to provide services, sell goods, or monitor their behavior, will be impacted.

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Through their research in 2017, Mazars discovered that the risk of loss of digital data and pirating maintains their position as the number 1 risk factor for media companies. Taking into consideration the importance of the risk of digital data loss, this 2017 global media barometer explains in detail the impact of the new European regulations and offers a practical guide with 3 key steps in preparing your company for this new regulation.

Please download the Global Media Barometer below.


2017 Mazars Global Media Barometer