Corporate investigation Workshop

Mazars Forensic & Investigation Service is glad to invite you to its 3rd high-level training workshop, tailor-made for corporate internal investigators, that will take place on November 27-28. This workshop is dedicated to skilled professionals who would like to develop their investigation skills further, or who have never conducted an investigation before.

Exclusive benefits

This workshop includes in person training and a comprehensive set of technical materials including:

  • A workbook that contains the Case Study Whistle-blower, several activities each attendee need to complete and investigation and interviewing theory and good practices.
  • A company Code of Business Conduct, relevant to the Case Study.
  • Two Purchase order reports that were provided by the Whistle-blower when they filed their report into the company’s whistleblowing line.

Keep in mind

  • The workshop is 80% practical effort over the 2 days, as the workbook helps front load some theory. Attendees are required to do few hours work prior to attending to the workshop. This ensures the 2 days are very focused on practical application of the methodology, including interviewing a whistle-blower, a 2nd witness and the subject of the case.
  • Attendees will receive constant feedback and coaching from our corporate investigation experts.
  • A reasonable level of English is required to attend the Paris La Défense workshop, as interviews and feedback are done in English.