Optimising your business through global payroll processing and workflow management

Nowadays, the mission embraced by leading payroll services providers requires necessitates prompt, dependable, and - increasingly more - worldwide responses. Fortunately, automation of tasks and technological solutions are game changers when dealing with large amounts of data to be processed or monitored cyclically with low to nil mistake rates.

Where should it be noted that processed data may be rapidly reorganized and showcased with the help of embedded reporting functions, leaving sufficient time for experts and managers to devote to more sophisticated tasks?

The Mazars Group through the CEE Payroll Board and the Global Center of Excellence in Romania has, for some time now, adopted the responsibility of acquiring and integrating amongst standard payroll services for our clients, solutions that are competitive in the fast-paced, technologically evolved, and internationally interconnected business environment. When needed, such solutions have been developed in-house, applying our best knowledge about our clients' needs.

PayWorld and PayMap are two payroll-specific platforms with distinct yet equally valuable functions that are suitable for enterprises with a local, regional, or global presence. Because, as a Group, Mazars serves clients from countless industries, we value their different needs: so only after following a set of minimum technical standard establishments, PayWorld and PayMap are fully adjustable to client needs, from a process calendar, recurrence, payroll elements mapping perspectives and so much more.

PayWorld, powered by Payzaar for Mazars clients, is the more mature and popular payroll system amongst clients working with us. PayWorld is a collaboration toll primarily developed to satisfy the demands of our clients that need a centralized management solution adapted to their jurisdictions and procedures. Instant, up-to-date access to a global picture of a client's business divisions, from a payroll viewpoint, is one of the most significant benefits of using PayWorld for an international customer.

In addition, HR/Payroll administrators may link their continuing recurring duties into PayWorld by directly accepting or rejecting payroll computations or adding extra payments information directly in the tool, for the Mazars payroll expert to review. In addition, the customizable reporting area enables the international payroll administrator to zoom in by certain divisions of the company, geographical areas, or categories of payments, in order to comprehend the evolution of their company's human resource costs across different timeframes (monthly, yearly and so much more).

Senior Project Manager, Mazars

PayWorld is a workflow structure that captures the six most significant phases of the payroll processes applicable to each country and works as a central data transfer engine for key HR and Payroll information, such as HR data transfer from the client to Mazars local teams, payroll outputs, pay slips, and tax compliance upload and approval.

In addition to the collaborative features, PayWorld enables excellent KPI and aggregated reporting capabilities that operate on the basis of a G2N data, enabling our clients to analyse and control headcount expenses throughout the world, from a high-level viewpoint to a detailed level, as required.

Regarding PayMap, it is a solution developed by Mazars in Slovakia in cooperation with the group center from Romania. Unlike PayWorld, PayMap is not a workflow solution but a data processing and transfer middleware. In its’ first stage of development, PayMap was designed and develop in order to take over the automatic data transfer from client's HR database software and transform it in a ready-to-use state directly into different local Mazars payroll software. Recently, smaller clients’ needs have been integrated and solutions have been developed to meet them and, when required, data transfer can be achieved through PayMap via webforms, in absence of an HR database. As such, PayMap is also able to retrieve payroll information for smaller clients as a central data transfer tool.

As fundamental functions, we mention data retrieving from client HR software or webform interface, HR data validations and transformations, payroll calendar tracking, error logs, and data transfer to Mazars local payroll software, following exact formatting and structuring requirements. Also, dashboard and reporting features.

The core of PayMap and its complex functionalities is the HR to payroll mapping which targets the four key questions in defining any automatic process: what goes in?, what needs to be done to it?, when it needs to be done? and what goes out?

Needless to mention, cybersecurity and data protection are crucial to payroll solutions adoption or development within the Group and both PayMap and PayWorld strictly follow Group standards in this respect.