Tom Brichieri-Colombi Partner - Infrastructure & Energy

Tom Brichieri-Colombi

Tom is the lead partner for financial modelling at the firm. The models his team develops help investors raise finance, monitor and value infrastructure and energy projects around the world.


Tom has been developing best practice financial models since 2003. Starting with the work in the UK's UK's PPP/PFI program for upgrading social infrastructure, he has gone on to apply this experience to the growing demands for infrastructure internationally, with a focus now on renewable energy projects to support the world's energy transition.

The hundreds of models Tom's team have developed are based on the firm's modelling methodology and are informed by his experience training as a statutory auditor and leading financial model auditor and client advisor.

Work Highlights

  • In 2007 Tom co-founded the Infrastructure and Energy team at the firm which is now an international team of over 130 professionals delivering consistent services to energy and infrastructure clients wherever they are delivering projects around the world.
  • Tom established and has led our offshoring operations in India to support the financial modelling business. This successful venture has facilitated the growth of the modelling service and has now expanded to become an important part of our delivery strategy across our advisory and consulting service line.
  • The deep expertise in Tom's team means it is recognised as the centre of excellence for financial modelling and is called upon to support colleagues across the business. Working with colleagues in our forensics department, the financial model developed by his team was integral to the successful completion of a multi-billion dollar dispute settlement.

Accreditations/ Memberships of professional bodies

  • MA from the University of Oxford
  • Chartered Accountant (FCA)
  • Microsoft Excel Expert Accreditation

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