Robert Jan de Rek Partner | Member of the Executive Board

Robert Jan de Rek

Personal quote / vision

The role of the AA accountant has been subject to major changes in recent years. On the one hand the increased regulatory burden, but on the other hand also the realization that, of course, the client is central, but that social interests play a role more than ever in the relationship between accountant and client. Increased automation means that instead of looking back, the accountant is increasingly looking strategically ahead together with the client and acting as a sparring partner and advisor.

Mazars Executive Board in the Netherlands

  • As a member of the Executive Board, my primary goal is to make the AOS practice future-proof in the broadest sense of the word, in line with the Mazars organization and its strategy. All this, of course, with leading quality from a more diverse group of employees.

Specialist experience

  • For years, I have served as a trusted business advisor to a diverse portfolio of clients, applying my knowledge and experience to assist them with the challenges of modern business

Specific client experience

  • As a member of the Mazars Next steering committee, I am closely involved in the further automation and integration of administrative processes at our clients. I also focus on family businesses and high net worth individuals.

Education and work experience

  • AA training.
  • Working at Mazars in the general accountancy practice since 1999. Previously worked at two accounting firms in the auditing and consulting practice in various positions.

Other positions

  • In anticipation of my appointment to the Executive Board, I have resigned from my ancillary positions
  • In the (recent) past I have been active as a board member of the BC Excelsior, Stichting Sterven op Eigen Manier, Stichting Goudse Kaas and the Rotary

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