Phil Verity Member of the Group Executive Board

Phil Verity

Phil Verity is the UK CEO since 2012 and was re-elected in 2021 for a further four year term.

Phil is also a member of the Group Executive Board and has been in this role since 2011.


As CEO in the UK, Phil is responsible for leading over 3,000 people across 14 UK offices. Phil is dedicated to building trust and confidence with our clients, industry, and people to make an impact and build a sustainable and diverse future.

As a senior member of the Group Executive Board, Phil is actively involved in leading, managing and developing the international business.

Phil has 36 years experience in the industry, from starting his career as a graduate in the Milton Keynes office in 1986, to being made Partner in 1999, during which there has been significant growth and development in the UK firm and the international group. Phil is proud to have been part of this development.


Accreditations/ Memberships of professional bodies

  • Fellow Chartered Accountant (FCA)

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