Paul Rouse Partner – Restructuring Services

Paul Rouse

Paul currently leads the Client Services team at the firm which focuses on servicing our clients where their customers / borrowers fall into financial distress - personal and corporate. We are the recognised market leader in the bankruptcy industry in terms of appointments, customer journey satisfaction, and annual recoveries for creditors. Our team also service many corporate clients (banks, alternative lenders, ABL's local authorities, overseas banks, etc) with bespoke and innovative solutions.

Client Services consists of 13 staff members with experience ranging from financial institutions, the Official Receiver and the 'Big 4'. We are agile workers and service all of the UK.

Our primary offering is our RADAR product which encompasses a bespoke suite of services and a data analytics tool developed in-house. It is our responsibility to provide a proactive service to our clients that allows them to focus their resource backed by data and experience.

The team use these tools to service two main areas of financial distress:
- ability to track all businesses in the UK and highlight any distress that may be occurring
- trajectory monitoring
- full portfolio health analysis
- ongoing monitoring and alerts
- trend identification
- business advisory reviews
- asset tracing / investigations - including overseas utilising our network
- early identification of any form of Personal Insolvency in the UK - DRO, IVA, Bankruptcy, Sequestration, Trust Deed, NI cases
- data cleanse of portfolios being bought or sold
- Personal Guarantee valuation, monitoring and recovery
- dividend monitoring and collection
- asset tracing / investigations - including overseas utilising our network
- debt recoverability report (Pro-File)
- volume paperwork administration

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