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Achmed Bouazza

Personal quote / vision

My passion is to help both start-ups and organizations that have been around for a while to pragmatically bring their internal control systems to a higher level, so that they are demonstrably "in control" and can prove this to their customers by means of an ISAE audit. I have enjoyed doing this for over 10 years at various cloud service providers. I like to think along with you in this area, in a pleasant and personal way.

Specialist Experience

  • IT-auditor (RE)
  • Third Party Assurance rapportages waaronder ISAE 3402, ISAE 3000, SOC 2, DigiD-assessments en ENSIA-audits
  • Cyberbeveiliging
  • DevOps / Agile- methodieken
  • Volwassenheidsmeting IT-organisatie

Specific client experience

  • Extensive knowledge and experience in areas such as Agile software development, the various tools and methodologies used in the process, and the specific challenges involved in securing cloud applications.

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