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Every organisation plays a certain role in society and the same applies to Mazars. I believe it is important for Mazars to make a contribution to a sustainable society. Inspired by my job and personality I consider the aspects we can make even more professional in our firm and the way in which Mazars can contribute to society and its clients. You can create sustainable value with that social engagement. 

Education and work experience

  • Executive Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Academy of the Dutch Federation of Tax Advisers
  • HES Utrecht, Economics and Law

After completing my studies I started as a tax adviser with Mazars. I have been active as a partner since 1996. My expertise is in corporate and international tax issues. 

Executive Board Mazars in the Netherlands

I believe it is important to make a contribution to developing our firm and our people. Therefore I have been a member of the Executive Board of Mazars Netherlands since 2008 and I was Deputy Chairman from 2012 to 2014. I've been Chairman of the Executive Board since 2014. In this role I am dedicated to creating a successful, but above all sustainable firm, within our role in society. In September 2016 my role as Chairman of the Executive Board was renewed for four years.

“Mazars’ Executive Board values a quality-driven culture and the corresponding conduct. This is reflected in the way we interact within the organisation, teams and with each other, and in the interaction with our clients, stakeholders and surroundings. In our search for a sustainable return, we believe it is very important to keep investing in the quality of people. This Executive Board wishes to add value to the organisation and to society”, said Ton Tuinier.

Member of Mazars Group Executive Board

As of 1 January 2017, I have been a member of the Mazars Group Executive Board (GEB). The GEB has global responsibility for the strategy, operational direction and implementation of the strategy and supervises Mazars partners around the world. The broad outlines of my responsibilities include managing Europe, Quality, Risk and Training and developing the Tax serviceline for the Mazars Group.

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