Sander Boomman Partner | Chartered Accountant

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Thanks to my analytical skills as an accountant and my knowledge of my clients, I don't talk about the past, I tend to look to the future instead. By mapping out future problems for entrepreneurs, they can tackle these problems at an early stage. This demands creativity, empathy and a professional curiosity.


I have been working at Mazars as a chartered accountant since 1992. In my capacity of auditor, I specialise in the auditing of not-for-profit organisations, including trade associations and interest groups, and subsidy audits and legislation. I also focus on national and international organisations that provide professional services, such as accounting firms and consultancy and advice. I help my clients with their financial policy and auditing of the financial statements.

Specific client experience

Not-for-profit organisations are faced with various challenges, one of them being the fall in traditional income. In my capacity of accountant, I help them look for new sources of income and revenue models, including the consequences this search may have on the organisation, the people and taxation.

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