Remco Schoonderwoerd Partner

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Year of birth: 1972
Nationality: Dutch

Education and experience

  • HBO Accountancy, NIVRA Accountancy, Nijenrode Information Management
  • Registered in the NIVRA accountancy register since 1999
  • Nijenrode Business University, Master class Management Professional Services

General Client experience

  • Many experience in the controllers and advisory field with large, small and medium sized enterprises, especially with international orientated companies. The core business off these companies and enterprises are very divers. For example commercial enterprises, production companies, provision of services companies, real estate corporations, insurers, investment corporations and all kind of different not for profit companies such as sporting organisations.
  • During my career I have been involved in a large number of special engagements, also abroad. For example stock valuation, due diligence investigations, benchmark investigations, opinion of contribution (in kind), guidance with credit loan applications, restructuring, investigations to optimize the administrative organisation and advice/assist with disputes.
  • Affinity and experience in the field off corporate finance (graduation paper) and due diligence.
  • Important emphasis is my experience with family owned corporations, commercial enterprises and transport and logistic related activities. For example:
    • Road transport
    • Expedition
    • Cargadoors
    • Shipping enterprises
    • Transport shipment and storage
    • Shipbuilding
    • Custom services
    • Interest associations

Based upon these experiences I am chairman spear head sector group Transport & Logistics within Mazars.

Specific client experience

  • Family owned companies
  • Transport and logistics
  • Trade

Additional functions

  • During the last few years I have executed different executive functions and functions in project management groups and organization committees and I joined a number of committees within Mazars.
  • I am a frequently speaker at client meetings and project weeks at school.
  • Member of a number of business clubs in the city of Rotterdam (football club Feyenoord,
  • SS Rotterdam, Shipbrokers Union off Rotterdam, Rotterdam Topsport, Rotterdam Running Ambassadors).
  • Member of the board Foundation Blokland (ANBI)