Paul Schutjens Partner

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Personal quote / philosophy

I am committed to providing clients with a high-quality service by combining high-performance teams who have relevant experience and specific expertise with the delivery of added value.

Training and work experience

I graduated as a registered accountant from Nyenrode Business Universiteit in 2010.
After 15 years in the accountancy practice at EY, I joined the Audit & Assurance service line at the Mazars Amsterdam office in November 2016.          
As a partner in our financial department, I focus on providing professional services to clients in the financial and real estate sectors, while I also act as a sparring partner when complex issues arise in these areas.


  • Extensive experience of auditing procedures and advising clients on investment management, regulated investment funds which invest in property, private equity, infrastructure, sustainable energy, and international holding and funding structures;
  • In-depth expertise of financial reports (IFRS-accredited);
  • Specialist knowledge of measurement issues for property, construction, sustainable energy and private equity, with an in-depth knowledge of IPEV and EVCA measurement guidelines;
  • Significant experience and expertise in corporate governance, risk management and compliance, including AIFMD legislation and regulations and ISAE 3402 certification.

Specific customer experience

As a partner, I have ultimate responsibility for auditing and advising a wide range of national and international clients.

  • Financial institutions:
    • Banks;
    • Insurers;
    • Investment funds;
    • Property investors;
    • Pension funds
  • Construction & property

Additional positions

I am also involved in various internal and external quality initiatives, which include writing and supporting internal and NBA practical guidelines, initiatives in the field of culture and behaviour, and thesis and traineeship supervision.

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