Margaret Lim Senior Manager, Tax

Margaret Lim

"Providing value-added opportunities and creating all possible solutions and connections for clients brings satisfaction for me professionally. Through diverse experiences in our tax practice, we develop world-class learning and outstanding leaders who team to deliver on our commitments to all of our stakeholders, and in doing so, we play a critical role in building a better working world for our people, for our clients and for our communities."

As part of a global team, Margaret is committed to quality service, advising clients on planning, compliance and reporting, mitigate risks and continuous improving opportunities within tax functions.

Throughout her years of experience as a Senior Tax Manager, Margaret have helped clients succeed by assisting them with strategic and operational challenges faced in their tax functions, providing cross-border planning and working closely with them to improve their business processes.

Margaret manages complex issues and sizable assignments from retail, shipping, manufacturing, blockchain technology, insurance sectors and global traders. With tax expertise spanning over 10 years in corporate/personal income tax advisory and compliance; cross-border tax international tax advisory; tax planning; and business structuring, she is proactive to clients’ needs and advocates for them to render the best possible outcome.

She has also presented to various audiences on different disciplines of taxation issues in professional capacity.

Outside of work, Margaret is involved in female leadership initiatives and volunteers at a home. Inspired by a French charity organisation, she hopes to continue the effort of providing free education for young girls and women born to AIDS infected parent(s) in less developed countries.

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