Joanna Włoch Partner, Audit and Advisory for Financial Services

Joanna Włoch

Joanna Włoch is a statutory auditor and an ACCA member. Before joining Mazars, she has been working at one of the Big Four companies, where she was responsible for auditing of the financial institutions and advisory services rendered to this sector. Its client portfolio included the largest banks operating in Poland.

Partner with over 14 years of experience in auditing the financial statements of banking groups, leasing companies, investment societies, brokerage houses, investment funds and institutions servicing payment transactions.

Joanna has also many years of experience in conducting consulting projects in the field of due diligence, implementation of IFRS / IAS, accounting consultations and opinions under both Polish and international accounting standards, as well as in the scope of other assurance services (AuP). She also conducted a number of trainings for the PFSA Office in the field of IFRS and national audit standards.

Joanna is a graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics.

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