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Gert-Jan Gerrits

Bill Gates put it nicely: ‘Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important.’ IT is about more than technology. It is also about the interplay between governance, organisation, architecture, functionalities and control. I am happy to help you optimise the interplay around your IT issues.

Specialised experience

Gert-Jan disposes the following specialised experience:

  • IT auditor (RE) and chartered accountant (RA)
  • IT audit for financial statements and other special investigations (Digital Assurance).
  • Certification of software
  • (digital) Quality Assurance during implementations/migrations
  • Conversion assurance
  • Post-implementation audit
  • Organisational anchoring and technical implementation of Business Intelligence
  • Specific knowledge (IT and financing) healthcare (Hospitals, mental healthcare and tourist information centres)
  • Hands-on experience as manager and director of business operations, controller and business advisor at various (healthcare) organisations.

Additional functions

Gert-Jan fulfils the following additional functions:

  • Guest lecturer IT driven audit Hogeschool van Amsterdam
  • Member of sector group charities organisations Public
  • Regular speaker
  • Member of international working group Mazars Audit Methodology IT Audit Integration
  • Member of the Healthcare and IT knowledge group of NOREA (the professional organization of IT Auditors)

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