David Herbinet Global Head of Audit

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David is a dual qualified accountant and auditor in the UK and in France. He has been living in the UK for nearly 20 years after starting his career with Mazars in France.

He is Mazars’ Global Head of Audit, and also a member of the UK Executive of Mazars in charge of services to the UK Public Interest Entities (PIE) market. He is a key Mazars spokesperson particularly on issues affecting audit competition, audit quality, joint audit and long-term sustainability.

He retains a significant client service role for some of our largest international clients and has significant experience in the audit of large and complex international groups and in cross-border due diligence.

David has extensive experience notably of businesses with complex contracting arrangements (Construction, PPP, Aerospace and Defence) and of the Technology and Media sectors.

He is a member of the Audit Faculty Committee of the ICAEW and Mazars’ representative with EcoDa.

David was instrumental in the development and launch of Mazars’ Centre for Audit Committee and Investor Dialogue and Business. For Good and he continues to lead these ground-breaking initiatives in the UK. David is also an active member of the Academy for Business in Society, on behalf of Mazars.

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