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Ahmed Shawki Managing partner

Dr. Shawki is the Managing Partner of the Mazars Egypt practice. He is directly involved in many of the audits and financial consulting engagements related to privatization undertaken by the firm. These include participating in the privatization of several companies under the Engineering Industries Holding Company; directing the feasibility and marketing studies for the privatization of the television production studios and open-air shooting facilities; and participating in the decisions on the sale of both the Pepsi Cola and Coca-Cola bottling plants. He also serves on the general assembly for the Food Industries Holding Company.

Dr. Shawki is committed to the improvement and expansion of the business environment in Egypt as evidenced by his many professional-related activities. He actively participated in the development of audit and accounting standards for Egypt. He worked with the Capital Market Authority to rationalize policies for the evaluation and audit of unit trusts.

Dr. Shawki engaged in dialogue with Cabinet policy makers representing the viewpoint of the Egyptian business community tax reforms which ultimately resulted in the drafting and issuance of Egypt's new tax law and the modernization of Egypt's taxation system.

Dr. Shawki has spoken at several high-profile conferences on doing business in Egypt and the Middle East both in Egypt and overseas in London; New York, Washington, DC and Stanford University in the United States; and in Bahrain. He has published numerous research papers in the U.K., France and Egypt.