Transfer Pricing

Transfer Pricing is consistently identified as the number one international tax issue for multi-national businesses. This focus is driven by external factors including EU State Aid cases, the impact of BEPS (Base Erosion and Profit shifting) rules and as a result, a significant increase in enforcement of TP rules by many tax authorities, who are concerned about falling revenues and therefore are increasing efforts to defend their tax bases.

The Mazars Transfer Pricing Team has actively participated in the BEPS discussions for several years now and has responded to these new challenges with insight and innovation, offering clients leading edge solutions which have been developed with the help of the global TP team. As a result, we can help companies minimize post BEPS Transfer Pricing risk by focusing on practical ways in which they can  adapt their approach to transfer pricing and remain compliant, whilst at the same time rewarding the entrepreneurial risk takers in the business.

Why choose Mazars?

  • Mazars helps companies develop and implement economically viable transfer pricing, adapt to regulatory changes and the evolving TP landscape (BEPS), whilst complying with new documentation and  policies that are robust enough to  respond to tax authority challenges.
  • The work of the OECD on BEPS has created significant uncertainty and is a major concern for business as it can influence commercial decisions as well as tax ones. Mazars is recognized as a leading firm for advice on the implementation of BEPS friendly TP policies.
  • We understand that business are looking to increase control over their global transfer pricing positions in order to minimize risk and maximize effectiveness.
  • We recognize that effective global transfer pricing policies now have to do more than simply comply with national rules. Transfer pricing issues have to be addressed long before transactions actually occur and we can assist you in making your transfer pricing policies into strategic tools ahead of investment and supply chain decisions, as well as for global tax planning.
  • We can also help you minimize risk by increasing the global consistency of your approach towards transfer pricing.
  • Our user friendly approach to TP often starts with a diagnostic risk assessment which also looks to highlight areas for savings, as well as exposure. We then build on this diagnosis with a collaborative approach to make sure our clients are able to meet their documentation obligations and optimize their tax positions.

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