China Goes Global

In December 2015 Mazars finalised a merger with Chinese audit firm ZhongShen ZhongHuan (“ZSZH”) to create the only China/International firm providing audit, advisory and tax services in China.

Since 1997, Mazars’ unique integrated partnership model has proven successful in China, and the merger enables the Mazars partnership to continue delivering exceptional value in the Chinese audit and consulting sector. 

If we look ahead, the merger between Mazars in China and ZhongShen ZhongHuan is only the beginning. The unique partnership model is attracting more organisations and teams, which is bringing about more development projects in 2016” 
- explains Mr. Huang, Chairman of the Board of ZhongShen ZhongHuan.

It also helps our Chinese clients pursue internationalisation, in particular major public sector accounts and investment projects under the "One Belt One Road" policy, a government-based initiative encouraging Chinese companies to acquire assets and expand business overseas. 

In response to this strong wave of cross-border activities, and thanks to our unique global integrated partnership, we built a powerful axis of China desks from 2010 throughout Europe and the US. Today we have a global hub with unique Chinese points of contacts in more than 25 countries across all continents. We enable Chinese companies to cope with the challenges of global expansion, in an ever-changing international landscape.


Why choose Mazars?

1. Smooth Communication

Smooth communication is our guarantee to ensure that our clients get information promptly. Our experts who speak multiple languages (especially Chinese) can make communication seamlessly. They also understand multiple cultures (especially China) and then can better understand your needs.

2. Smart Coordination

An international footprint and mind-set are part of our DNA. Thanks to our unique integrated partnership, we ensure one single point of contact to coordinate cross-border engagements. We also ensure a rapid and consistent deployment of our support where and when you require it.

3. Pragmatic Approach

We propose a tailored (appropriately sized teams and advice tailored to your size, sector and investment destination) and flexible (transparent fee structures to meet your requirements) approach. Our clients say we are pro-active and have a problem-solving mind-set.