Doing business in Europe

Whether they have long settled abroad, just set foot in a new country or barely started to consider where their next move should be, companies need a good understanding of regional trends as well as practical guidance on how to run a business locally. Based on Mazars’ extensive international experience and in-depth local expertise, our ‘Doing business in…’ series shed light on crucial matters that business leaders should consider when operating or expanding in different geographies.

Europe-The Big Picture


Businesses new to a continent need to be well-informed about country specificities. To provide more granular insight guiding their location choices, Mazars partners and Ifri experts highlight in our “Doing business in… Trends and opportunities” series geopolitical perspectives to be aware of, risks to anticipate and opportunities to look out for in selected countries.

“Doing business in France - Trends and opportunities”

“Doing business in Germany - Trends and opportunities”

“Doing business in Ireland - Trends and opportunities”

“Doing business in Russia - Trends and opportunities”

“Doing business in Spain - Trends and opportunities”

“Doing business in the UK - Trends and opportunities”



In our “Doing business in… Practical guide” series, we have captured what businesses need to know in the field and provide hands-on advice and information on how to invest and start in a variety of national and regional markets. We operate in all business environments and we have a track-record that speaks for itself.

Doing Business in Turkey 2019

You can find the basic information necessary for establishing your business in Turkey in Doing Business in Turkey 2019 edition.

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Doing Business In Denmark 2019

Doing Business In Denmark 2019_1086x121
Our intention is to provide a description of the business environment and the main aspects of the legal framework of Danish business life. For readers actually planning to set up a new business in Denmark, we recommend further professional assistance

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Make a French Start: A practical guide to investing in France

Make a French Start : guides pratiques pour investir en France
Mazars and Business France combined their expertise to help foreign investors and entrepreneurs who want to settle in France. Mazars has created four practical guides that we hope will provide you with valuable insight to launch and grow your business in France: The French Tax System, Available Support and Grants, Social Law and Good Practices to Set Up.

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Doing business in the Netherlands 2018

Doing business in the Netherlands
Ever thought of doing business in the Netherlands? And about what this country has to offer you? Next to the opportunities, you need to think about the challenges before setting up business activities. The Dutch fiscal climate can affect your business positively, but can also have a negative impact, when not taking the right steps. Your activities will be successful only if you and your company are familiar with the Netherlands and the principal rules and regulations. Mazars’ accountants and tax advisers will help you and act as your personal guide.

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Global German Services

German companies are increasingly interested in expanding globally and Germany remains an attractive market for investors. Whichever way you want to go, there are many options to consider and choose from. Mazars experts with their extensive experience in global growth strategies, can help you assess and choose the best solution for your business whether you are looking to invest in Germany or grow beyond domestic borders.