Doing business abroad

Large multinational companies, as well as smaller firms that strive to achieve international development, face a series of organisational, operational and financial challenges. Whether they want to set up a business abroad or expand beyond national borders through organic growth or mergers and acquisitions, they need the help and support of experts who can provide them with the custom-made services they need at any given time.

Fostering international business 

This is exactly what we offer, in a consistent manner, in over 80 countries on all continents. The audit, accounting, consulting and tax professionals who work in our international desks understand local specifics and global markets. In a series of practical guides “Doing business in…” we have captured all the things to know in the field and provide hands-on advice and information on how to invest and start in a variety of national and regional markets. We operate in all business environments and we have a track-record that speaks for itself. 

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Doing business in...

This page gathers all the Doing Business Guides available so far in all Mazars countries. These publications aim at presenting Mazars to investors wishing to do business overseas.

Global China Services

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Mazars China Services Group is a dedicated group of professionals with particular expertise in serving Chinese clients. Mazars Group, an integrated global partnership, by aligning the resources of Zhongshen Zhonghuan with two dozen overseas China desks and combining local expertise with a global reach, enables Chinese enterprises prepared flexible and vital resource to cope with the challenges of global expansion, in an ever-changing international landscape.

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Global German Services

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German companies are increasingly interested in expanding globally and Germany remains an attractive market for investors. Whichever way you want to go, there are many options to consider and choose from. Mazars experts with their extensive experience in global growth strategies, can help you assess and choose the best solution for your business whether you are looking to invest in Germany or grow beyond domestic borders.

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