The Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility at ISS World Services

As one of the top ten largest publicly quoted employers on the planet, Danish-based global facility services provider, ISS World Services, is no stranger to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) issues.

With over 510,000 employees worldwide providing services such as catering, cleaning and security to a wide range of sectors, ISS is keenly aware of how CSR policies can impact the reputation of its customers, as Joseph Nazareth, Head of Health, Safety & Environment and Corporate Responsibility at ISS World Services, explains.

“Our clients include multi-national companies and an important part of our value proposition to them is to protect their brand and reputation. If ISS employees are not paid on time or they have health and safety issues, our customer’s brand and reputation can be at stake as our employees are on their premises. We understand this and so we have strong policies and systems in place to ensure credible and effective risk management in these areas,” says Nazareth.

At a deeper level, Nazareth is keen to leverage its award-winning CSR strategy in order to achieve its vision to become the world’s foremost service provider. The first step of which is to ensure that policies are aligned globally as much as possible, so that employees in all countries work towards and share the same vision of ISS values and policies.

Discover the additional steps ISS World Services has taken to ensure that  their employee's embody their CSR principles here 

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