The Board Charter. For Sustainable Success

The Board Charter. For Sustainable Success® is a practical and powerful tool for boards wishing to adopt a stakeholder and society-oriented approach to business.

“The Board Charter will, I believe, help business leaders to navigate the difficult waters in which they have to sail and I therefore warmly welcome it."

– Excerpt from foreword, by Fiona Woolf, CBE, Lord Mayor of London (2013-2014) 

Developed to influence a shift from short-term to long-term thinking and strengthen the trust between business and society, the Board Charter asks tough questions of business while providing insightful guidance on the key factors that influence sustainable success: 

  • Boardroom leadership
  • Purpose, value and ethics
  • Fostering innovation
  • The fair treatment of stakeholders

The final publication incorporates the collective support and contribution from a number of leading organizations working in this space, regulatory bodies and individuals from the corporate, investment and academic communities, following an active consultation process. 

Download a copy of the Board Charter below and learn more about the importance of Board Culture by clicking here .

“The success of our economy depends on well-managed companies with good boards of directors. So, for the success of the economy we need boards which come close to what is in the Charter – the closer they get, the more successful we will be.”

 – David Pitt-Watson, Chair, UN Environmental Programme Finance Initiative and Executive Fellow, London Business School 

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