Business. For Good™

We believe performance and responsibility go hand in hand and that businesses play a major role in the future of our economies and society. Exemplary corporate citizens, able to think and act long-term, make for healthier communities. Our sustainability services have been designed to help all organisations achieve responsible and long-term growth, under increasing public scrutiny and in the face of new and potentially threatening challenges.

The increasing public interest in ethics and in how companies create value, as well as the growing focus of regulators on sustainability, hassled to important changes in the way companies are expected to drive their business and performance, has given rise to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) metrics.

At Mazars, we believe this change is for the better. With global experts able to respond to increasing challenges within a more demanding and disparate ESG regulatory system, Mazars is in a position to serve and advise clients in an ever more complex space. We have developed a range of expertise in line with our commitment to doing Business. For Good, aimed at reengineering trust in business, empowering people and nurturing collective responsibility.

Reengineering trust in business

Our solutions aim to enhance corporations’ ability to act for the benefit of a better functioning economic and financial community. In this area, our services include but are not limited to:

Empowering people

We believe that fostering equality and progress can be achieved through providing the right business practices and helping people express their full potential in healthy work environments. To that effect, we offer:

Nurturing collective responsibility

We support exemplary leadership and responsible actions which aim to build a better society and a cleaner planet. To this end, our sustainable offer includes:

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