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The many corporate scandals and economic crises of the last two decades at least keep raising two essential questions regarding the practice of audit. The first on capability: do users of audit reports trust auditors to arrive at the right answers in relation to the really big challenges facing business? The second on relevance: in a changing business world, where technology, globalisation, new business models and generational change have all become dominant features, are auditors looking at the things that truly matter, and is their opinion still relevant?

Mazars is built on a fundamental belief in the importance of audit to business and society. We want to play our part in the long-term success and growth of our economies.

Mazars’ objectives are to ensure that its audit and assurance services are relevant, bring value to companies and their many stakeholders and are delivered by excellent, committed and truly independent professionals.

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Commited to the public interest, and to the relevant interest of investors in companies large and small

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