Corporate Culture Audit

Corporate culture is now at the top of today's business agenda and is cited in equal measure as the cause of success as much as failure. It is well documented that the tone at the top has an impact on corporate culture – but what does that mean? What action are boards and leadership teams taking in regard to corporate culture? How connected are they to the ‘real situation’ within their companies and organizations?

We know there is a strong link between a company’s values and its ability to conduct business in an ethical and sustainable way, which is something investors and stakeholders now focus on. The ability to measure soft attributes such as vision and values can help companies quickly identify cultural trouble spots and implement remediation procedures from within, allowing the culture of a company to be preserved and even improved. This is increasingly important for organizations undergoing management changes; those wishing to boost governance efforts or highlight cultural variations during and after a merger, acquisitions, or even enhance organizational value through employee engagement. This represents the type of innovation companies now need to embrace in today’s economic context.


At Mazars, we have developed an award wining tool, with a proven methodology

The purpose of our culture offering will not be to state whether a culture is right or wrong. Usually, only limited aspects of culture may be assessed as wrong, most often when conflicting with fundamental values such as ethics & integrity. The methodology can be applied, regardless of an organization's size and structure.



At Mazars, we developed – the Mazars Culture Compass – to make corporate culture visible, measurable and comparable by focusing on vision and values, behavior, responsibility, structures and functions.


Our methodology is rolled out in 6 steps:

Our efforts to develop effective tools and a stable methodology has been recognized by the International Accounting Bulleting (IAB). In 2013, Mazars won the ‘Audit Innovation of the Year’ award for our CSR cultural compass tool.

Our aim is to also ensure an approach that fits your company or organisation

Our tools and methodology serve as a basis, but our approach to culture goes beyond organisational culture, and assesses actions in the context of a your company or organisation’s  strategy and goals.

We have developed a pluri-disciplinary method, combining expertise in auditing with expertise in psychology, leadership and organisational behaviour. To maximize potential value to clients, our objective is to develop a comprehensive review, that goes beyond risk culture, which is co-constructed with our clients, ensuring a tool/ method fit for your organization.

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