There is a growing need for organizations to demonstrate their awareness for social and ethical issues, to assume responsibility for their activities, and to ensure— through such activities— positive developments in today’s society.

The commitment to sustainable, ethical, and social practices gives current and future clients a secure image of your business, and can contribute to the improvement of your reputation.

Integrating sound corporate and social responsibility into your practice can be the key in differentiating yourself from your competitors. Your CSR policy can become the backbone of your business and at Mazars we are ready to provide you with the necessary support.

Our team helps organizations conform to new ethical requirements. It can also provide support by monitoring and mitigating social and environmental risks in the following areas:



Additionally, we can also provide sustainability reports, which has become essential for any organization wishing to excel in their performance. In today’s Adequate sustainability reporting can enhance your competitiveness as well as improve your relationship with stakeholders, clients and investors.

Our services include:

  • Strategic planning
  • Reporting and verification of information
  • Identification of risks and opportunities within your organisations’ structure
  • Support with increasing efficiency and reducing waste reduction

At Mazars we understand the importance of implementing effective CSR policies. 

In a constantly evolving environment, providing transparent, reliable and consistent information has become a priority. Ensuring that the quality of the information in your sustainability report is accurate and robust will help you manage risk and make informed decisions.

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