Unicorn Companies: Mapping Out a Future Strategy

Unicorns may be mythical creatures, but the companies that bear this name are now a major force in business.

Based on size alone, unicorn companies now have the potential to exert a meaningful impact on business and society in general.

It raises the question of just how far down the reporting road unicorns should now go. The question becomes more compelling when you take into account that unicorns face the same business challenges and constraints as listed companies that are often smaller, yet have a higher regulatory responsibility and are tested on a daily basis in the markets.

Shopping list for unicorns

Based on working with a number of unicorn companies, Mazars has developed a specific 'light' accounting service and have identified the following compliance must-do's for any unicorn in the Asia-Pacific region.

  • Put basic structures in place at the outset so compliance problems are not too difficult or costly to unwind and rectify at a later stage
  • Build a relationship with compliance experts early to avoid accounting, tax and other compliance surprises further down the line
  • Consider basic accounting services at the outset to future-proof any IPO plans
  • Think carefully about how to achieve the right skill set between expansion and compliance
  • Don't overlook the reporting complexities of emerging markets
  • Consider outsourcing non-core competencies as a route to greater profitability
  • A sustainable business model is greatly enhanced by the trust and transparency of management information on offer to investors

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