Real Estate services overview

By understanding your business and industry, we can help find solutions to the key challenges you face.

Despite signs of market improvement there is still a significant level of uncertainty, and as a result, a flexible approach is necessary in order to comply with the latest local legal and tax requirements and compete within a global marketplace.

Contractors, Funds & Institutional Investors, Leisure & Hospitality, Real Estate Investment Trusts, Real Estate Owners, Operators & Developers

We understand your challenges: 

Optimize your Financial Performance

  • Make your accounting and analytical reporting processes more efficient,
  • Choose and implement your IT systems,
  • Ensure compliance with legal, tax and accounting standards (IFRS, local GAAP),
  • Improve the process and content of your financial information,
  • Optimise the cash management.

Strengthen your internal control

  • Improve internal audit efficiency,
  • Evaluate your operational and financial risks,
  • Assess the quality of your service providers.

Improve your strategy

  • Assess and integrate acquired assets or companies,
  • Evaluate assets’ selling opportunities and conditions,
  • Adapt the financial structure to your strategy and find the best financing solutions.

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Whether you are a developer, owner, manager or investor, you are in an industry that is highly volatile and subject to numerous pressures. Your competitive advantage lies in your ability to forecast new trends in development in order to better plan for and respond to the dynamics of the industry. Our real estate team has helped the real estate industry in these areas for many years. We have special insight into today’s challenging real estate markets and guide clients to long-term success and maximum profitability.