Webinar: Luxury consumers in China - an analysis across four generations

In this webinar, Dr. Julie Laulusa, Managing Partner, Mazars, China, will share with you insights on luxury customers in China, their behaviours and backgrounds and give answers on how to target different generations of consumers and strategically position luxury brands in this country.



Please note that the webinar will be held in French.


Although the majority of Chinese consumers have only been exposed to luxury products for 40 years, China has become the world's 2nd largest luxury market, accounting for more than 33% of global luxury consumption - which is expected to rise to 40% by 2025.  

To better understand customer tastes and trends in China, Mazars has recently released a report, Chinese luxury brand consumers that reveals what drives customers of different generations, genders and locations.   

Themes discussed during the webinar: 

  • How do Chinese consumers define a luxury product? 
  • What are the categories of luxury products they buy? 
  • What are the psychological needs underlying luxury consumption? 
  • Which purchasing channels online or offline) do Chinese customers use and for which reasons? 
  • Which factors influence luxury purchases, online and offline? 
  • What is the level of loyalty to luxury brands among Chinese consumers? 
  • What are new trends in the context of Covid-19  

Dr. Julie Laulusa, Managing Partner, Mazars, China

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Understanding luxury customers in China

China is the world’s second largest luxury market, accounting for one third of global luxury consumption (and rising). To better understand customer tastes and trends there, Mazars has released a report and survey, Chinese luxury brand consumers that reveals what drives customers of different generations, genders and locations.