Designing new internal control standards for logistics and supply chain activities

Our client has 63 stores located in 5 countries, including France, the United Arab Emirates and China. Mazars was asked to design new internal control standards for the entire logistics process and optimise supply chain management for better performance control of physical flows and financial information.


The implementation of new internal control standards posed two challenges: the ability to meet market requirements and uncertainty. This included:

  • Risk mapping and solutions,
  • Growth opportunity analysis,
  • Review of existing tools and processes for customer service.


The Mazars’ Consulting team first conducted a diagnostic in order to assess the level of maturity of internal controls for all logistics sites: organisation, risk management, application of processes and controls, interaction between sites, supervision...

In the second phase, a four-step approach was developed to design the internal control standards based on risk analysis, security of improvement plan, performance optimisation and change management. Our teams assisted and supported senior management as well as the business throughout the implementation, both at a central level and at the logistics sites. 

The expertise of the consulting team and experience in the distribution sector combined closely with senior management and operational departments helped in designing internal control standards for the entire logistics process.

Case studies

Public companies

Reorganisation of a luxury group management team

Well established in mature European and North American markets, luxury companies are leaning more and more towards emerging countries (Asia, Middle East, Brazil). The conquest of these new markets is pushing industry players to rethink their organisational structure, adapting their processes and resources to their development strategy.

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Doing business in China

Since the beginning, our client has been committed to meeting the highest standards in terms of skills and style. A desire to excel through innovation and a sense of tradition illustrated in its entire range of luxury products: travel goods, handbags… with a diverse range of matching accessories.

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