Our global insurance team has the necessary skills and experience to support any IFRS 17 transformation project in the key locations, using local resources with local knowledge and understanding.

A global multi-disciplinary team with local presence

Expertise in IFRS 17 and the insurance industry covering accounting, actuarial, financial reporting, IT and business process improvement means that our team can meet your needs and provide insight into market practices around IFRS 17. 

Mazars’ team includes experts dedicated to standards impacting the insurance industry who carry out substantive work on accounting standards developments around:

  • Specific expertise in IFRS 17
  • Permanent regulatory Watch
  • Participation in all key working groups : EFRAG / IASB

Our experts

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Case study: IFRS 17 Impact Study

The introduction of the new accounting standard IFRS 17 on insurance contracts will bring radical changes to the insurance business and accounting rules. The Italian insurance company needed support for developing simulation models in order to estimate the impacts of the introduction of the new accounting principle.

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Case study: IFRS 17 full implementation project

The new IFRS 17 accounting standard which changes recognition, measurement and accounting principles for insurance liabilities, will be applicable from 1 January 2022. In order to implement the standard, the insurance subsidiary of a French banking group requested the support of a consulting firm to bring expertise in financial transformation including project management, actuarial modeling, financial reporting and this new standard.

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