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Our proven experience with Food & Beverage clients around the world underscores our ability to perform a first rate job. Below are our latest credentials in the sector:


We are the auditor of national and international Food & Beverage companies across the globe including: Pernod Ricard, Lesaffre Group, Louis Roderer, Kraftfoods, ArabDairy, Pomona…


We also have a long track record in advisory (accounting and outsourcing services, consulting and financial advisory services) & tax services.

F&B client story #1: Outsourcing internal complexity

  • Profile: Our client is a global fast food chain serving million customers per day in more than 70 countries around the world.
  • Assignment: This company was looking for a global accounting and outsourcing provider for their Brazilian operations. The volume of documents and level of complexity of the fiscal activities involved demanded a complete remodeling of the process. Mazars was selected for its in-depth industry knowledge and capacity to provide high quality customized outsourcing solutions.
  • Results: Mazars innovated developing a new document flow process using its own expertise and resources delivering a high quality solution to the client at a very low cost. The document are now pre-organized by the managers and sent to Mazars, reducing significantly the processing labour costs, the amount of missing documents and potential fiscal contingencies.
  • Today: We serve the client with a full range of services locally: direct and indirect tax compliance, financial and company secretarial services. Our Advisory team also provides revenue assurance and royalty calculation services to client headquarters.

More detailed Food & Beverage references are available here

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We have developed the perfect mixture of key ingredients - knowledge, experience, trust and independence. Our professionals specialise in growing the business of our food industry clients by adjusting our recipe for success to the unique needs of each client. We pride ourselves on providing quality products and timely services while cultivating relationships. We are quick to react to our clients’ needs and take a proactive approach when the ideas or solutions are stale.